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Bouncy Basketball


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Welcome to Basketball Legends 2020, where the court comes alive with the bounce of the ball and the thrill of scoring baskets! In this one-button, 2D physics-based game, you’ll navigate your player across the court, aiming to outscore your opponent and claim victory. Are you ready to show off your skills and become a basketball legend?

How to Play

To conquer Bouncy Basketball, all you need is the spacebar or the D key to jump and shoot the ball. Once you’re in the air, release the spacebar or D key to release the perfect shot. Move your player around the court using the arrow keys to dodge your opponent and create scoring opportunities.

Score Big Points

In Basketball Legends 2020, the goal is simple: outscore your opponent by scoring baskets. The closer you are to the hoop when shooting, the more points you’ll earn. Perfection is key! Don’t be afraid to show off your skills with a satisfying dunk.

Pro Tips

Here are some insider tips to help you maximize your gameplay and dominate the court:

  • Jump High, Score High: When shooting, time your jump to reach new heights. The higher you jump, the better your chances of making that crucial basket.
  • Aim for the Center: Focus your aim on the center of the hoop for the highest probability of sinking your shot.
  • Swift Movement: Utilize the arrow keys to swiftly maneuver your player, avoiding blocks from your opponent and creating scoring opportunities.
  • Fearless Dunking: Dunking the ball not only scores points but also demoralizes your opponent. Unleash your powerful dunks to establish dominance.
  • Have a Blast: Basketball Legends 2020 is a game designed for fun! Whether you’re challenging your friends or enjoying some solitary play, let the game ignite your passion for basketball.

Master the Controls

Memorize these controls to become a true bouncy basketball maestro:

  • Spacebar or D key: Jump
  • Release spacebar or D key: Shoot
  • Arrow keys: Move

Now that you’re equipped with the knowledge and skills to conquer the court, it’s time to embark on your basketball journey with Basketball Legends 2020. Play at your own pace, challenge your friends, and experience the joy of becoming a legend in the world of bouncy basketball. Let the games begin!

Basketball Legends 2020